Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The best missed dunk every!

The NBA playoffs are under way and for some the games have been boring with not much challenge with the teams we thought would bring it. In light of that though basketball is an exciting fast pace game. Every move a player makes can be a highlight reel. Like this one by Shannon Brown, which made some people wow on what could have been.
I am a bring Laker fan but unfortunately due to work I was not able to watch the game last night and had to see this in the morning.
Brown all season long as entrained us with his solid defense and well amazing dunks too. He also was voted in to the all-star dunk contest.
Last night almost greatest dunk was missed midway through the fourth quarter by Brown. I like many other are amazed as how high and long that flight was to the
basket. He was so close
to making this the talk for years to come, well maybe it still will as they are saying to was the GREATEST MISSED DUNK EVERY!!!

Got to Love Kobe Bryant's expression

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