Monday, May 24, 2010

Lima Time

Since his sudden passing this Sunday of a heart attack I have read stories of remembering him as a team player, but what caught my attention was his giving back to the community, which is some thing the Dodgers are known for.
Granted I didn't watch the Dodgers during the 2004 season when Lima played, but I did hear of him and knew how energetic he was during games. Most importantly though he was a Dodger, and he loved playing as one.
What was impressive was he only played for the Dodger in such a short time, one
season going 13-5 and pitched a complete game of the National League Division series giving the Dodgers their first postseason win since 19888. With that he was a fan favorite.
In the past three weeks he was added to the Dodgers Alumni Association and he was going to be working with community relations making appearance at events the Dodgers have.
The biggest contribution was a summer baseball academy in Pasadena to help kids learn the game of baseball while having former players to help out.
It is sad that he wasn't able to enjoy teaching a game that he loves so much to others, but hopefully the Dodgers will do some thing to continue what he started.

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