Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't stop believing

Okay so I think all Dodger fans know of the nerdy guy that sings Journey's song in the eighth inning of the games. He started singing last season and every game he is at they seem to get the camera on him while he performs and gets the fans laughing and entertained. He usually can be found in the lodge section for the most part.
That being said, I was at the game on Friday and seen him during an inning in the lodge, as the eighth inning approached to my surprise he was located in the bleacher seats in the reserved level. I was very curious as to why they moved him there, are they getting bored of him being at the same spot all the time and want to freshen up the performance like a concert show, or was it that so many fans know where he is at and get in front of the camera to get their few seconds on the jumbo tron?
Don't get me wrong he is entertaining for a good laugh, but really, and I think I said this last season, it does get boring and to watch one guy sing. I think a few other fans like to be shown on the jumbo tron and the Dodgers should do more then just move the guy from one section to other to sing a classic song played at Dodger Stadium.

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