Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dodgers minor injuries and pitching

Unfortunately for the Dodgers their winning streak of nine games came to an end yesterday and for the most part it had to do with the struggling pitching they have. Last nights game the Dodgers brought to the mound Ramon Ortiz, who is ERA is 6.12, he has giving up 27 hits and 17 earned runs. Really Dodgers is this the best you can do for a fifth starter?
Are you really telling your fans that you can't afford a good starting rotation? granted Clayton Kershaw is coming around, John Ely hopefully is a God-send and that the others start improving, but if they don't where do we see the Dodgers coming into October?
Yes they have already made a push to keep a steady pace with San Diego and San Fransisco in the standing, but right now we have the pinkie injury of Andre Ethier and now this toe issue with Manny Ramirez, will the offense survive with them two out?

Hopefully this is something we can later laugh about, but come on Ned try and find some good pitching to go with the offense!

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