Friday, July 17, 2009

Pierre gets standing ovation

Well what a game. Frustrating to say the least seven hits and nothing, no runs. uhhh well it was pretty crazy so many people there Vick the Brick was in the stands talking amongst fans. I got one picture of his back when he was next to me LOL, but I stayed in my seat talking with the friends that all came to see Manny and our Dodgers start the second half.

The cheers for Manny out weighed the boos even though I heard very few and the screams of cheater and druggie were used, but all-in-all fans were there to support the slugger.

The most ovations though came in the 7th inning when Juan Pierre came to the plate to pinch hit. The crowd went crazy. I felt really proud to be there at that point because of how well he did day in and day out for us when Manny was gone.
Good Luck today boys!!

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