Friday, April 17, 2009

My day at Dodger stadium yesterday


The last game against the hated Giants. I was early for this game just so I can have a chance to see some of the Dodgers before they go get dressed for the game. I parked outside because me and my daughter were going to leave early (I wasn't about to pat $15 for just a few hours) Walking into the stadium we hurried down to the field where you get a chance to meet some of the Dodgers, if they pass by and have the time to stop and sign stuff and take pictures. It's mainly for the kids, but if your earlier enough they let adults go down too. So there I was I was a good fifth in line to go down. I seen a few friends of mine Joe, who is a long time season ticket holder and a very nice women, and then there was uncle (okay I totally forgot his name again LOL) but he is awesome guy that me and my friend met last season.

Dre signing for fans
okay back to to Dodgers, we yelled at Kemp, he said hi to my daughter and told her she ROCKS then Doug Mientkiewicz (who later got hurt in the game) came out and he singed my daughters jersey, which has many autographs on it already.
Then low and behold Loney was being interviewed right next to us, my daughter was excited, but probably not as much as I was. He finally was done and I waited patiently while he signed other kids stuff first and then I had the courage to ask him for a picture after he signed a photo for me. He said "yes are you ready" I said "yes" and I went next to him and he put his arm around me... OMG can you image our favorite person in the world acknowledging you.

I was very happy that he actually said yes because of course we sometimes meet these athlete figures that are asses and have they noses so high in the clouds they don't realize it's because of fans they are where they are other then just talent. I have been fortunate though for my times meeting players. Even though we may be in aw when we see them we find out that they are just as human as us. They do a lot for the communities they are in and try to give back as much as they can.. Kudos to those athletes that appreciate their fans day in and day out.

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