Saturday, April 4, 2009

awwww second home!!

As I posted perviously that I would be going to the Angel Dodger game this Thursday now time to post my experience with you. So since it was just a Exhibition game I didn't bother going early so me and my friend Dave parked outside and walked in. Man was I excited to me there (my second home) I had purchased tickets in the pavilion right be hind Manny and to let you guys know it was the crowdest part of the stadium that day. We actually sat right behind him as you can see from the pictures...

Well the Dodgers looked good fans were chanting Angels sucks and well of course the pavilion wouldn't be the crazy spot if some fans didn't get kicked out of the game! so it was cool and funny.. Dodgers are promoting the Jack in the Box mini hamburgers and if the Dodgers won by 3 or more runs they give us coupons to get free ones. Sure enough the Dodgers won 6-2 and everyone was happy.. not sure if this is going to be a new thing they do now like at Laker games with the free Tacos, but they were good lol... as me and Dave went after to try them out.

Scary scenario was Broxton closing uhhhhhhhhhhh he didn't look good =(

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