Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fiesta Lakers

So the wait was over and the day was here. I wasn't able to sleep knowing that once I woke up I would be seeing some of the Lakers before there 630 pm game tonight. I was hoping to get there earlier this year so that I would have a better chance to get a wristband for an autograph. Well my friends that I was taking took forever to get ready so instead of getting there at 9am I was there at 1030. We still had a better place in line then last year, but we could have been closer to get in if we would have gotten there when I wanted to.

Anyway by then I needed a drink so I headed to the ESPN zone while they waited in line. It was pretty cool talking to the bartender.. ok back to Fiesta Lakers. It was the 8th annual Fiesta Lakers event that is pretty much dedicated to the Latin community that supports the Lakers day in and day out. Like Kobe said to the fans ..The fans that seat in the front rows aren't the loudest loyal fans.. he is right it usually those that can't afford the expensive seats there at Staples Center. While I walked out of ESPN Zone just a half hour till opening the line was packed. They started letting people in early, but unfortunately we were unable to get the wristbands, because there was so many people there early that got in the lines.

I was excited to see some of the FOX SPORTS WEST annoucers there so I took a pretty with Bill McDonald and Patrick O'Nie,l who is so hillarious on T.V., the fans there were excited and all in Laker gear waiting for the Lakers to make their appereances.

After waiting in a few lines and nothaving any luck to get wristbands I headed over to the stage so I can have a chance to take some pictures of the Lakers coming, which was Walton, Ariza, SASHA!!!, Gasol and Kobe.. everyone there wanted the singer to stop singing and started chanting KOBE KOBE we all wanted our Lakers to fianlly show. It was about 330 when they final came and made their apperance to the fnas delight they spoke. Sasha being the only one that knows more spanish, other the Gasol, siad some things to the crowd and and then it was Gasols turn. The four guys made there way to the autograph lines so they can start on that while the corwd again started chanting MVP MVP.... then there he was Kobe telling the crowd that we will be winning the championship and that we will stay a Laker!
all in all it was a good day I seen Sasha and Kobe on stage.. now it's time for the game to start.

Tommorrow DODGER opening day!! wooo hoo cant wait I'll be there at 830am!


  1. Awww how cute =-D
    Your adventures going to meet athletes remind me of my own when I go to see my favorite bands.

  2. Hey... nice story. Hopefully the Lakers can win it this year !! :)

  3. IT was okay!! lol they should WIN

  4. Do you have facebook? I took a CRAPLOAD of pics & my sister ended up meeting Sasha! :]