Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Day!!

It was a great photo day today at the stadium. Beautiful sunny day and getting there early didn't hurt either LOL.. me and my dad got to the stadium early, but of course not as early as the opener, and well they ended up opening the gates earlier then what they has said. We parked and I walked fast to center field where they open it so fans can take their spots on the field.
To my surprise the center field doors were open so we went to the spot I was at last year which was pretty okay space.
Right at eleven the Dodger players started coming onto the field and making there way towards the fans so they can get photos taken.

I was so excited and ready to see who I was going to be able to take pixs with! Well Manny came out getting the biggest applause and to our surprise was the rebel signing autographs and taking pictures. Many of the Dodger employees were trying to tell fans not to give him things to sign, but of course they didn't listen.
I was pretty excited though when he was coming my way and taken photos with fans so I got my arm out ready to grab him over my way LOL, but fans that were being pushy for an auto were covering my dads view of me n Manny so I had to wave my arm with my big ass camera to move there arms out of the way!! damn man no one was going to ruin my photo with Manny! lol

Russell Martin was very polite and taken pixs, of course some guys where rushing there way across the little paths they made for them to go by. I was lucky though I got Russ, LONEY!!!, Pierre, Torre, Wade just to name a few. Just didn't get Kemp =(

I will post on the game later got some great shots of it too!


  1. Yes it was a fun day ! Glad you got some pictures :)

  2. Cool Pics. I wish I was out there today. I am not yet ready for the big leages so they have me in triple A. HA HA

  3. This day was great except the part where Andre didn't take a picture with me! :(

  4. Awww i know Erika but u have to be glad he didnt take pixs with anyone!

    GOOD LUCK @ I love this game

  5. Whats Andre's problem. Why won't he take pictures? does anyone know why?

  6. I think it's just that day he won't do it bc other signings he does he will take photos.. and at his event next month he has to take photos with the fans!

  7. were you in the left field pavilion?

  8. @ Falling Leaves NO I was seating in the field elvel section.. where Manny second homerun went!!

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