Saturday, April 4, 2009

The happiest day every!!!!!!

I got my picture!!! I was debating on going today because I was tired from last night, but I'm like no I have to go see Sasha!!! So I left at 11 picked up my niece because I decided not to go alone and we go there a little before 12pm...The Signing wasn't going to start until 3pm so there we were just waiting in the sun lol... ummm talked to a few people in line, but waiting for Sasha arrival was what I was anticipating.
Then at 3 there he was OMG I was excited and I was bout the 20th person there in line. turns out he wasn't going to sign anything that people had, but these photos of himself that were pre-printed. of course some people were upset because they had brought so many things for him to sign, but oh well I wasn't upset b/c I just really wanted a picture with him!!!! so we get in, I'm happy and snapping my camera. my niece goes first and he got up and took a picture with her then I walked up got my photo then he says "picture?" I say " yes that is all I've been wanting" so he laughs and says ok and gets up and has him arm around me and my arm was around him.. I was happy it lasted a long time b/c the first picture was blurry that my niece took.. Sasha was very polite in waiting for her to take other one.. I thanked him and was leaving with a big smile on my face!!!! so glad I went


  1. OH MY GAA!
    I'm so glad you took a pic of her!

    I love your pic!!!!
    I wish i was there...
    I had wk.
    Are you going to Fiesta Lakers?!?!?!?

    - Cristina