Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 more weeks!!!

I have two more weeks of school left before finals..I can't believe how fast the semester went DAMN time flies. I have two papers due, which I' pretty much have done just need the revising and proof reading to do. Well my hardest subject of all is math grrrrrr.. I have one more test to do next Saturday then it is the final. My Broadcasting class is going great and I should get an A, Journalism I should be fine as well, since most of the credit will come from what I did last year. (ya long story).. Dance well thats and easy A... As of now I have been studying like crazy and with it being my last semester till I transfer this fall. I have had mixed emotions about the whole thing, but I'm so happy for the change I'll be getting. I am ready for the summer though, because I'm not taking any classes and just going to work and have fun until I start school and have no life during that time..LOL

So I like to say good luck to all the students out there that are preparing for their finals!
YES I'm reading a Phil Jackson book as well.. pretty interesting too

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