Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meeting Loney

I heard and checked in the beginning of the week that Loney would be signing at a BMW dealership.. I hav on a few items signed by him already, but I chance to meet him again, I couldn't miss. He was suppose to start signing at 11am.

I headed out at 830 to pick up my friend, my dumb ass though took the wrong freeway so I was upset. I was fortunate though to have a friend already there and said don't worry bc he had a place in line for me. Instead of being there at 9am I was there at 930..oh well... Staying in line to these things you always meet a lot of people and I knew some already so I caught up with some of them that I hadn't seen in awhile.

The dealership had a jumper for the kids and started making a Dodger dogs and had soda and water for us waiting. Then 710 ESPN came along to give out some prizes and low and behold Laker girls show up..LOL I was like shouldn't they be at the Laker signing not Dodgers.. They didn't look to happy.

Well 11 came and went and Loney still wasn't there, not to many people complained I think because they were being entertained either way. Only thing was they weren't giving us updates on why he wasn't there yet or when he was coming.

Then a little after 12 he drove in. Everyone was screaming and and excited even me. I walked over to get a picture of him and went back in line.

They were letting few people in at a time. Finally our group went in I had on my GOT LONEY? shirt on, and I wasn't sure if he would day anything about it. As I walked up to him I was shaking a lot (he is my favorite player, so it happens) he looked up and said "I remember that shirt" I was in shock I said "really" and so excited he remembered seeing it. I gave him my baseball then ask if I can get a picture with him he said sure. I walked over to the table and was still shaking and not realizing I had my camera still in my hand. I passed it to my friend and then my friend Ericka says "see Loney you make her nervous" and Loney says "she is making me nervous right now" not sure what that met, but Ima take it as a good thing..LOL


  1. Hahaha, "She's making me nervous."
    But that's great =-)
    So how many times have you met him now?

  2. Damn it's been a few times mainly at the stadium where he sees so many fans

  3. You are silly!!!your sis yvette lol

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