Monday, June 1, 2009

Finals week

There it is, I didn't even believe it until I seen this on Saturday walking to my Math teachers office. The second session of summer is cancelled like every other school that is hurting with budget cuts. Hopefully it will get better soon, but I guess first it has to be bad. I guess I'm fortunate I'm done at school and don't have to take any summer classes, but I feel bad for those that are trying to get done and not being able to go to class to get ahead.

Well finals week is here I have been trying to study. I can't believe there are already here. I have three on Wed, one Sat and two on next Mon. So I'm trying to use my time wisely. Of course being on here means I'm wasting some time LOL.. But I had to let you guys know why I haven't kept up to date. Today and Tomorrow will be hectic with me studying, but I have a break tomorrow since I will be going to the Dodger game!!! I have cleared my morning so I can studying.

Well the Lakers made it to the finals and instead of a LeBron-Kobe match up we have Superman and Kobe. doesn't look like much, but hey who knows, in the end it will be who wants it more!!!

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