Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I went with the parentals to breakfast today at the famous Pantry mmmm it was good. Outside I noticed the payphone has Manny on it... wow so they suspend him for using steroids then put him on payphone that people don't use very often anymore LOL... okay I'm sure that isn't the reason, but still it was funny to see... June gloom is nice, but man taking pictures with my damn cell phone that has no flash sucks!!!

We then headed down to staples center awwww I missed it.. I haven't been there since the Kings last game. The Wolf Gang Puck restaurant looked open, are at least almost open, and to see all the Laker finals stuff up was awesome!!!.. A friend (I will not name LOL) told me that Sasha banner had been vandalized outside staples center. Now he either did say it to get me mad or they really did do it, but change it because as you can see it's okay...LOL...

I also found a Sasha shirt inside the store and bought it..ok my dad did, but still I have it now! Also bought a few other Laker shirts that are very cute!

GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!..............Dodgers 40 Wins look real nice.. Ethier great job I like that you are out of our slump!!!

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