Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sasha throws first pitch and Dodgers win in 9th

After putting on his custom made dodger jersey!

I went to the game super early, so that I can get a chance to see Sasha throw out the first pitch. I was hoping that he would be outside early, but he wasn't. I was hoping to get his autograph again and a pixs with him, but no luck since he stayed around the field. I went down seen Loney, and Kemp. Then went to wait to see if Sasha was coming. Then about 630 he finally came out of where he was at!!!! I walked over past the Dodger dugout to start snapping away. He was so close yet so far..LOL.. There was a few kids that he signed for which was very nice of him and he also took pictures with him. He did walk right by me to go to his seat behind the Dodger dugout, but I didn't have my picture of him, ihad left it with my bag over at my seat grrrrrr, but I had my camera!
After his pitch... which was a strike!!! Interview with someone
After that it was time for baseball... all didn't look to well for Milton, who was letting the Phillies hit off him, but they only led by 3.. and then finally we scored. I had to leave early, but seen the rest of the game at home (should have stayed, but the lil one wanted to go home) so then a little hit my Loney fell past the right fielder and it was 3-2.. ninth inning comes and with 2 outs I thought there was no way, but Andre who has been getting out of his slump, hit the ball off in the corner in right field bringing home Blake and Loney to win the game!!!! awesome guys!!!

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