Friday, October 9, 2009

Game 2 WOW!!!!

Sorry late on the post, but I have had a lot of school work since midterms are coming up every week. With school comes responsibilities and well I had to miss a little bit of the Dodger game yesterday since I had class. I did leave 15 minutes early, but I'm in Northridge and traffic coming back to LA sucks. It took me an hour
but I got there just in time for the fun!! =)..

My uncle Robert met me there and well, I got there to see Dre hit his homerun!!!!
Sitting in the baselines seats was awesome I felt up close and personal with the Dodgers. The game was itching close, and the Dodger once again coming from behind. With two outs in the ninth I was ready to walk out since I knew it was going to take forever to get out of the stadium, but I had to see my hero Loney. What a site to watch, as we all thought Holiday had the out. Wow what a missed catch that was huh?

The crowd went wild, and to see Loney run to second was a great heads up play. Our bench really came through and the unlikely hero is the one who won the game! Mark Loretta a 15 year vet coming up to the plate was ready to help his team!!!!

What a come back boys.. GOOD LUCK tomorrow in St Luis


  1. You're so close! What kind of seats do you have?!

  2. LOL they were the baseline seats!! the closet ones there LOL

  3. I was there too, just a little above you in Loge was the most amazing thing I've EVER seen!!!

  4. Thevas. ya it was pretty cool.. very grea moment!!

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