Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next season is in a few months!

Don't worry it is so sad that they had to lose this way. The Dodgers had a great season and once again I had a great time with my friends and my new friends that I met. Our Dodger family is strong and we will all see each other soon.. Last season I thought it would take forever for the season to start but it didn't.

Our Dodgers just didn't seem to have it in them. With all the hard work I guess Philly wanted it more.

Well now it is time for Lakers baby!!!


  1. did you get any tickets to see the lakers?

  2. I'm proud of our boys... They took it far this year and played harder than last year, at least I thought so.
    Please tell me, is it really over? Hmm...

  3. Jackie not yet I'll probaby have to buy some at Staples or from someone...

    Daniela I know it sucks to think the season os over after such a great year! but lets hope for the best next year!!!

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