Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It has been a whole year since my graduation from Cal State Northridge WOW! I went to the 2012 graduation ceremony yesterday and it was exciting to see a few friends ending one chapter in their lives to start another. 

More importantly though, for myself, it made me think that I can be walking the stage again next May with my master degree. I have now finished a year of my two-year grad program. It has been tough and this semester was truly a challenge for me. I received one grade, which was an A now waiting for one more.

While sitting there during the graduation, it got me pumped for the fact I can be finishing a this step in my life I never dreamed of pursing. After this summer it is grind time. I will try my best to accomplish something that my family hasn't and make them proud of me.

Again congrats to the class of 2012!! ;)

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