Sunday, January 17, 2010

Football: Season closing with playoffs!

Football playoffs started yesterday and let me tell you the games have pretty much been blow outs! I don't care to much about football, but the playoffs to the super bowl are pretty exciting.

The Cowboys, who came out of no where and finished strong, didn't look good in there playoff game against the Vikings losing 34-3 wooooowwww.....
The Saints with leading running back Reggie Bush won their game yesterday 45-14 and the Colts winning the Ravens 20-3

NOW: The Jets have come back at the end of the third and now are leading the Chargers in the 4th with a 17-7 lead. Greene just scored a 53 yard touchdown to give the Jets breathing room. Now all they have to do is play DEFENSE!!!!!!. I would like to see the Jets win even though I am not a fan of USC, Mark Sanchez has had a great year coming out of college, even though his former coach Pete Carroll didn't think it was a good idea.
NFC: Vikings and Saints play next week
ACF: Colts play winner of the Jets/Chargers game

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