Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks Dodgers!

The Dodgers, who are known for their gifted farm team have signed the players that will establish this club for a couple of year. I HOPE!

They sign their young players to two and one years deals. I like that they finally signed Andre Ethier to a longer contract and didn't have to go through the drama of arbitration that they went through last year.

Dre deserves it as much as Kemp them two really held the team together.

The concern I have though is the signing of Broxton once again and for two years!! WHY??? I can't believe they didn't just sign him for one year and see what he does, if it turns out like last season they could have let him go.

Oh well hopefully he has grown and learned so the next time he is in a big game in which he only needs to get three outs he can do it.

Russell Martin, James Loney George Sherrill and Hong-Chi Kuo sign one years deals as well.

It is rumored that Ethier signed a 15.25 million contract and Broxton 11 million. The contracts are not yet finalized because they need to pass their physicals.

Martin will make 5.05 million, Loney 3.1 million, Sherrill 4.5 million and Kuo $950,000
Photo painting by Brett Tomoko

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