Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going to fast

I'm sitting here searching the Internet and well I stopped to think, wow I am almost done with school.
I have had by far an amazing three semesters at Cal State Northridge, even though it has been tough the last two semester, I enjoyed every minute of it.
This semester, being assistant sports editor has kept me really busy, but the rewards of getting a story out for people to read has been awesome.
I've been fortunate that in the past two weeks I've been to UCLA, and Cal Berkeley. At those games I photographed the games, which I prefer doing then writing and I'm loving it.
I realize though, I have to write to become a better journalist. I am determined to do more as well as taking more photos at sporting events
Well blogging family I have three more weeks and school will be over. Hopefully I will be writing more on here when I am done.