Saturday, November 13, 2010

UCLA..Pauley Pavilion

Yesterday was the first time I walked into Pauley Pavilion at UCLA, I know as a sports fanatic, why haven't' I been there before? I don't know, but I now can say I went.

When I walk into any sports arena I feel like a child in a candy store, they are filled with so many stories of triumphs and struggles. And to be part of that for just a moment is an incredible feeling.

I was more in awe of being in a place where John Wooden, the greatest college basketball coach to live, won all those championships and led players into becoming great professional NBA players.

As soon as I walked in I went down to the court, so I can take photos for the Daily Sundial.
Looking up at all the championship was cool.
Then when the UCLA fans came out and starting their chat of U. C. L. A. brought chills down my back.
The game on the other hand was a blow out for UCLA, who beat CSUN 83-50.
But at the end of the night I am blessed to have the abilty to do what I love and that is covering sports.

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