Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye 2012...

Again this year was GREAT.

In sports, well it had its up and downs, but the best part for me and what can compare to anything else was the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history!!!.

Kings fans waited 19 years since the last appearance in the finals by the team. It was long frustrating years, but WE WON the CUP. After firing the coach in late 2011 L.A. brought in Darryl Sutter. The Kings offense was the lowest in the league, but still managed to take the eighth seed in the playoffs.

Then the unthinkable happen..

The Kings could not be beat on the road winning 10 straight games, winning favored Vancouver, sweeping St. Luis and passing through the Coyotes. The eighth seeded Kings won the Devils in the championship to raise Lord Stanley for the first time in and in front of their fans at Staples Center.

This was so amazing I cried like many other fans did. I was able to attend the parade and go to the rally. As a hockey fan since I was little this was something I will always cherish and remember.

The Dodgers FINALLY received new owners and the face of the ownership being Magic Johnson. While the team struggled during the season, the new owners are making sure fans and other teams know they can spend money. Let's see if it works out this 2013 season.

The saddest part of the year though would be the trading of James Loney. I will definitely miss him this season :(

Lakers are doing terrible! :/ hmm wonder if they will turn it around in 2013....

Until next year everyone have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


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