Saturday, December 15, 2012


Well, it looks like it is almost time for a New Year, even though some are saying the world is ending in a few days. I am writing a little recap on my 2012 year in review. This probably be more about me and I can write another one later on sports in my life :) 

Positive note is having a few new opportunities too. 

hmmm where to begin, I can't even remember the beginning of this year (laughing) guess it was pretty boring for a while. Oh wait I took a trip to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo with my bff Amanda and it was FUN!!! 

Only cool thing about school is that I learned how to work in marketing with the Daily Sundial, the CSUN school newspaper I use to write for.

It was fun coming up with promotions for students to pick up the paper, read online or their mobile. I was also still working with the CSUN athletic department, which helped me grow in more ways in a field I like to get into one day. 

I stopped drinking in the summer, which did me good and now I don't drink as much as I use too! :) 

Met knew cool people that became friends and networking partners, which helped me a lot in the field of sports. I think that is it, that I can actually write down for you all to see ;) I will be back shortly to talk about my time in sports, which is definitely more excited since I have no life right now!

Maybe the end of May 2013 I will :) 

Oh and I went to Disneyland at some point during the year... maybe it was spring break, I can't remember..