Saturday, December 24, 2011

Grades are in..... -_-

I'm pretty disappointed in my grades this semester as a first year grad student. I received one A a B and B+, which many of you are probably saying that is damn good, not to me. I don't think I prepared myself as much as I should have.

Some of my friends are saying that I did well and I should look at it as those grades being all A's in a undergrad class. Well I guess that maybe true, grad school is a lot more work and at the time I was taking on three jobs.

I am a person that always has to be doing something and I have build my character in order to face anything around me. Next semester hopefully it will be different. I will still have three jobs while taking on two classes.

Wish me luck!

Their living with no goals

As I was driving in the bad part of where I live just now, I sat back in my car and thought "wow I'm glad I'm not like many of these people here that don't get out."

I am blessed to have the parents I have, who were lenient but had the right mix of being strict with me. If they weren't who knows what I may have become living next to a bad neighborhood. I am a college grad student and I feel bad for most of these people here, right next door that aren't going to get that opportunity because they choose to go a wrong path.

I'm thankful the Lord gave me the smarts to stay out of trouble and the ambition to want to make something of myself one day. I have worked so hard to where I am at now and have had so many great mentors to strengthen that path for me.

My only wish is I continue to grow and make right decisions while those in the hood get left behind for who knows what :(

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Say it isn't so James!!!

Okay I am really surprised I didn't receive more text messages and facebook comments when the story of James Loney side swiping three cars and crashing came out last week. Now here I am, coming to terms with it. I still don't believe it happened.

Everyone knows how much I love this player. Even with him coming out of another bad season this year, I stuck by him with many of you saying he will  be gone this coming season.

This is a crazy situation, which I have to believe what Loney says and that is he wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Right now result have not been available to confirm this, but we all have to wait and see what happens.

Hitting three cars, falling asleep and then leaving to crash again though hmmmm I just don't know. I don't like what one of the women he hit said though. She was so frightened, yet she went to his car to see if he was okay. um dumb on her part for doing that is she was scared for her life. Come on really...

The Dodgers Ned Coletti said this hasn't changed his decision of making a deal for Loney to stay here in L.A. Loney and two other players are eligible for arbitration.

I can't see Loney wanting to do anything crazy though. I really don't know what to say to it until more about it comes out.

Kemp should have won in the first place

Catching up on reading (the sports page) and I came across the recent story on Matt Kemp perhaps winning the MVP if Ryan Braun appeal of failing a drug test doesn't go in his favor. Now I like Braun and think he is a great MLB player, but if this is true I got to admit it's sad.

Voters though say they don't want to vote if the appeal is upheld. Which I understand because with all this mess on who is taking what in the MLB no records have been taken away, so why should this one?

Players win awards all the time and records if the MLB were to take those back then that be a total mess in the record books. I have to agree with them on this one and they shouldn't take it away since they can't take any others back. It would be nice if they could, but it won't happen.

This could have been avoided if the just gave it to Kemp in the first place!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's done

I'm here at Matdor Hall wating for my last meeting in class to end my first semester as a grad student!! It will be done, but won't know what I received as far as grades until probably two weeks.

I have to admit with so much work it was fun to meet the people that I did. My fellow classmates are amazing and really fun to be around. During this time I took on three jobs too, believe me I have no idea how I did it.

Here at CSUN I had a great experience working along side the Athletic Media Relations Department that I have decided to stay and help out and gain more experience next semester. I am also happy that I am able to take photos at games, which you see a few here.

I have been really busy with work as you can see, since I have't been writing anything on here, but I am sure these five weeks off of school I will be bored and have things to write about. Especially with so much that is going on in sports right now gees.

Well I am tired and probably go sleep in my car a few hours lol... until next time, which I hope will be soon