Saturday, December 24, 2011

Their living with no goals

As I was driving in the bad part of where I live just now, I sat back in my car and thought "wow I'm glad I'm not like many of these people here that don't get out."

I am blessed to have the parents I have, who were lenient but had the right mix of being strict with me. If they weren't who knows what I may have become living next to a bad neighborhood. I am a college grad student and I feel bad for most of these people here, right next door that aren't going to get that opportunity because they choose to go a wrong path.

I'm thankful the Lord gave me the smarts to stay out of trouble and the ambition to want to make something of myself one day. I have worked so hard to where I am at now and have had so many great mentors to strengthen that path for me.

My only wish is I continue to grow and make right decisions while those in the hood get left behind for who knows what :(