Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kemp should have won in the first place

Catching up on reading (the sports page) and I came across the recent story on Matt Kemp perhaps winning the MVP if Ryan Braun appeal of failing a drug test doesn't go in his favor. Now I like Braun and think he is a great MLB player, but if this is true I got to admit it's sad.

Voters though say they don't want to vote if the appeal is upheld. Which I understand because with all this mess on who is taking what in the MLB no records have been taken away, so why should this one?

Players win awards all the time and records if the MLB were to take those back then that be a total mess in the record books. I have to agree with them on this one and they shouldn't take it away since they can't take any others back. It would be nice if they could, but it won't happen.

This could have been avoided if the just gave it to Kemp in the first place!!

1 comment:

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