Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Say it isn't so James!!!

Okay I am really surprised I didn't receive more text messages and facebook comments when the story of James Loney side swiping three cars and crashing came out last week. Now here I am, coming to terms with it. I still don't believe it happened.

Everyone knows how much I love this player. Even with him coming out of another bad season this year, I stuck by him with many of you saying he will  be gone this coming season.

This is a crazy situation, which I have to believe what Loney says and that is he wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Right now result have not been available to confirm this, but we all have to wait and see what happens.

Hitting three cars, falling asleep and then leaving to crash again though hmmmm I just don't know. I don't like what one of the women he hit said though. She was so frightened, yet she went to his car to see if he was okay. um dumb on her part for doing that is she was scared for her life. Come on really...

The Dodgers Ned Coletti said this hasn't changed his decision of making a deal for Loney to stay here in L.A. Loney and two other players are eligible for arbitration.

I can't see Loney wanting to do anything crazy though. I really don't know what to say to it until more about it comes out.