Friday, April 15, 2011

To you friend

#justsaying...... never forgotten.. hope everything is going well.

Count Down

It has been such a rough semester and now it is down to four weeks in the newsroom, five weeks of classes/ finals and six weeks until I walk for graduation. WOW

I can't believe how time is flying by, I want it to go faster, yet I still want to push the breaks and stop it all so I can restart over.
Not to say Cal State Northridge hasn't been good to me, it just went too fast. I love school and learning and I am not yet ready to stop that in a school setting. But I must move on and try and grow up in the sense of getting a career. 

I have applied to grad school, but not to sure if I will get in and if I don't I have two options, which will give me more experience in what I want to do.
The count down has begun and now I have to push myself to be more motivated and end what I started when I entered college.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not missing you

They way you change with me in the last month-in-half was hurtful in certain ways, I took the short ends you gave me as if you were just having a bad day.

I told you I will care for you forever and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I only want the best for you and to succeed in all your goals sweetie.

I want to miss you, but the way you treated me as a friend in the end I just can't. I wished so many times you start being the friend I met in the beginning, but it wasn't happening.
You said you understood what I was telling you when I told you how I felt, but I don't think you really did.
Now if we ever cross paths it be as if we never even met, two strangers walking along the same route, but never saying a word to each other.
I asked many times for an explanation, which with everything I did for you, I think I deserve, but I guess I will never know what made you decided to leave my life.

I don't miss you because of the way you shut me out, but I will confess I miss the sweet friend, who gave me the best hugs and text me "how are you" "I appreciate everything you have done for me" and "I'm glad you are in my life" that is what I will miss about you.

Goodbye sweetie (maybe just for now.. maybe)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dodgers win!

Waking up today I just didn't know what to expect. A four year tradition of my dad and I going to the games ended today because he had to go to work =( Here I was with an extra ticket and kinda of feeling down, but I knew once I got to the stadium everything was going to be okay.

I left home 15 minutes until one and just like always I was there on time to be the first at the gate I enter.

Heading to the lines I seen my uncle Robert, aunt Carol and Linda. Then the blue gates opened and we were in the stadium. It is like I never left home, the familiar faces welcoming me, hugging me and saying "we are back" YES and even in the heat I was able to take it and get photos with Dodger short stop Rafael Furcal and catcher Rob Barajas.

Rafa and me

Barajas and me

Seen mostly everyone I wanted to see there at the game and like I said being HOME was awesome.

Hearing Vinny's voice "It's time for Dodger baseball" as the team ran out to the field was priceless.

I was able to share the day with a friend, who got out of work to make it. As for the game it was a great pitching dual between Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum, but the Dodgers prevailed with two runs to give them the 2-1 win over the hated Giants of the bay.

Going back to Blue Heaven Sunday!