Friday, April 15, 2011

Count Down

It has been such a rough semester and now it is down to four weeks in the newsroom, five weeks of classes/ finals and six weeks until I walk for graduation. WOW

I can't believe how time is flying by, I want it to go faster, yet I still want to push the breaks and stop it all so I can restart over.
Not to say Cal State Northridge hasn't been good to me, it just went too fast. I love school and learning and I am not yet ready to stop that in a school setting. But I must move on and try and grow up in the sense of getting a career. 

I have applied to grad school, but not to sure if I will get in and if I don't I have two options, which will give me more experience in what I want to do.
The count down has begun and now I have to push myself to be more motivated and end what I started when I entered college.

1 comment:

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