Friday, September 30, 2011

Learning and keep on grinding

Hey guys, well I'm a month and a week done with grad school and the learning and reading keep on coming. My classes are very small with the same great people. I have been fortunate in getting to know these fellow students and where they came from.

My internship with the CSUN athletic department is going well. I am learning a lot and already had a story published on the site Check out the story on CSUN women's soccer player Brielle Slepicoff. I am also currently working on three other stories, wow talk about being busy. But with the tiresome workload I am enjoying it.  I sometimes feel like I am in a CSUN sports library with all the information on teams the school has or had. Because of that I am learning about players, sports, division, conferences and much more on the Matadors I didn't know. And I love it. Yes some of the work is never ending, but when isn't work done when you are on top of your game?

To explain the picture on top, this past Sunday at the CSUN women's soccer game they didn't have a co-anchor for the radio. So I was asked to put on the headphones. I didn't say too much because soccer is still new to me. I just went by what I saw and what little I knew about the game. I definitely want to do it again, next time though more prepared =)

I also had a long day last week following Reader Digest around campus. What an experience that was. I know now how much PR professional don't get their office work done when they have to stay with a major media outlet. The day was noon to 6:30 p.m. just in time for me to get to class. I was drained, but I'm thankful for the experience.

Bringing it back to class, I have a ton of reading do every week. I never read so much in my life, but hey it comes with the territory now. I haven't had to do much writing, but I expect that to pick up within these last two and half months of school. Pretty crazy to think my first semester of grad school will be done in ten weeks.

Now what should my thesis be????


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