Saturday, September 3, 2011

And so it begins

I have one week under my belt as a grad student and well it is going to be a lot of work. I started reading one book out eight just for one class. The other is not so bad with just one, but I will be writing three papers for it.

I also will be interning with the CSUN athletic department this week and I'm pretty excited for a new experience. I'll do some of the same things I did with the Los Angeles Sparks, but more writing.

As for the Sparks, they finish up their season next Saturday, they had some highlight this season, but with Candace Parker out to long with her knee injury LA couldn't get enough wins to make the playoffs.

With that being said, and as much work I'm sure my blogging will take a set back again while I go MIA again and try my best at grad school.

Sports Notes:

Dodgers are now on a five game winning streak and there is talk on whether Matt Kemp should win the MVP of the National league and Clayton Kershaw the Cy Young since their both on a team that isn't a contender for the playoffs. Still the debate will stand until the end of this month.

College football starts today, excited about that and of course the NFL will have its season start soon. Unfortunately for the NBA its still in a lockout and I honestly think there will not be a season this year, but we will see what happens.


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