Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Clippers in Championship! Yosemite Clippers

Hello again, I have been SUPER busy with school, but I thought I take the time to check in and write something.

I recently went to Yosemite minor league basketball game (9-10 years old) to watch the Clippers, who finished second, play its first playoff game against the Spurs.

The Spurs had beating the Clippers twice already and the Clipper players were actually worried, a parent was telling me that the team felt they had no chance and that the Spurs were going to win.

Well, turns out it didn't happen that way at all, the Clippers won 39-21. The first half the Clippers were on a roll and the Spurs just couldn't get its offense starting. The Spurs came as close as seven points, but never took the lead.

The Clippers did a great job on the defensive end the team will now face the Magic in the championship game tomorrow, which I am sad I have to miss because of school and covering water polo.

I will post a photo of the game later tonight. =)

1 comment:

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