Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi guys,
Been busy, but doing what I love and that is taking photos for
sports games. I am getting better at it too, so my portfolio is growing.

Well, stress, this is something I tend to do a lot and I feel it is piling up more. My only escape is sports. Going to a professional or college event, lets me concentrate on the game and not focus on what the outside world wants from me. And for those three hours it feels great.

Sport editor time: I am trying to organize everything and I think I've done a great job at it, but the
Sundial is taking a lot of my time, which I should be focusing on my winter class. Also I have been trying to apply for grad school and I'm taking a back burner on it, which I shouldn't because deadlines are coming this month eek.

I am taking deep breaths and trying to focus on just my job and not others. I really need to get what I need done. Zumba class, gym and walks are back in my routine, which is helping me limit my stress!


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