Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clippers lose, but its only the first game

Of course, I'm not talking about the Clippers you all know. I am speaking of the youth basketball league, which started its season yesterday. The parents are ready with cameras and video recorders, while the kids are excited or nervous about playing the game.

Inez started her first season as a minor, wow where has the time gone? why can't she be a mighty mite again?
Well she is a Clipper for the second time and she is the teams motivator. Like professional sports has their player that pumps up the team, Inez is that player. She stands in the middle of her teams circle before the game and calls out three times "How do we play" and the teams follows by each one saying "tough" "smart" "hard" then all of them shout "Clippers"

The Clippers had some butterflies and trailed as much as 17 points, but as in the second half, the Clippers started playing defense and made a comeback. They had a good run, but lost by 11 points. Coach told them after the game they played well and just needed to start playing harder defense in the beginning of game. All-in-all it was a good game and its only the first game.