Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goodbye summer 2010

wow summer time went by so fast, to say that my summer was all fun and games, would be a lie. There were moments that were bad, but I have to say the good times weighed out the bad extremely.

This summer I continued to see my Dodger family and be present on major games to see the Dodgers play, this year though I think there was less events that occurred at the stadium hmm wonder why.

I also spent time with many friends old and new, I had many adventures with them, which made summer even more memorable.

Crazy nights with my girls as well as the nights I had with my guy friends.

My Tuesday's at the summer bar I chose to go to was amazing. I don't know how we made it out alive from there =)

Old town, Saturday nights in two weekends with my sister and friend was more wild because I don't think I ever danced like that in front of family!! very fun times.

Of course there was much much more, but I am running out of time and have to get to school.

Summer 2010, bye now and I can't wait till next summer where I hope to be a graduate with my BA.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Loney's signing... seems like it got crazy at end because there was so many people there

Today I woke up heading to the gym then came home to get ready to see James Loney at his signing he had in Bell.

Funny thing is I kinda got lost since I left home without the directions because, well I was excited, but I made it. wow was the line long I got there before 9am, but I had a friend in the front of the line waiting for me already.

Once again Loney was late, I would think he get use to the L.A. traffic and know to leave earlier then expected. While waiting for him I was chatting with fans that I have met and or heard of and finally got to meet them.
Finally around 12:25pm Loney's driver pulls up and parks.

The line was actually going pretty quick and as one of Loney's biggest fans I was getting nervous. I had my friend go in before me and then there he was he looked up seen me and yes recognized me and said "Hi" then I handed him my "got Loney?" shirt and the first thing he says is "Hey it's my shirt" I was like OMG (in my head) and said "yes I am getting a new one done" he said "Okay, do you want it in silver pen" I said yes and handed my sharpie to him.
Then said thank you and he said your welcome.
I LOVE HIM!! lol

I only got a few shots of him to bad we couldn't get photos with him, but with as big as that line was I'm just glad I got to see him and have a little chat with him!
I heard after when he did leave people were booing him, but hey he was suppose to sign for an hour which he did.