Monday, March 16, 2009

Ranting before school

Not my tipicle blog post, but I had to get this outI'm sitting here at work with absolutely nothing to do. I'm think about what will come in the future for me as I have already surpassed my CC expectation. I got my behind together and have worked hard to get where I am today, but failure to go to a UC this fall because of budget cuts is terrifying me. I don't want to get behind in my education, yes I can take more courses at other CC since I have pretty much taken everything I'm interested in or needed to take at my current CC, I want to get done with my BA so that I may pursue my career goals.
Finally after three years of not knowing what I wanted to do I have been linked back to my love for sports and my continue desire to work with such a great field. I will be looking for internship soon as well as getting more experience in anything that has to do with media in the sports world, local newspaper, Internet, and magazine. I have been fortunate to have already been writing sports for the campus news at school and been the sports editor to go on my resume.
I just need that boost of knowing that I will not fall behind on the work I have already accomplished in the career plan I'm choosing. That I will not be sitting here at a desk not doing anything, but write on my blog!
Now I must go for a drive back to school for my late night class.. to be continued...

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  1. as long as your out there doing something, even blogging, it's better than nothing. I share you fears for different reasons but no matter what I'm just gonna keep going on and hope for the best. In the end it's all you can do really so cheer up yo !!!