Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Seriously people around me are flakes, they can't commit to anything that is going on or that is going to happen, and no I'm not having guy issues here because of the commitment part.

Actually my guy friends are the ones that are being cool, they might have their busy lives, but hey when they aren't, they are willing to help and hang out for a few drinks or chill time.

What I'm talking about those that are around that just seem down for anything, then like flakes crack and get soggy on you when the time comes to go. I have had this issue quit recently with people that say they want to go out and do something, now with my busy schedule of school (school-work) and my job, I'm always down to get out for a little while and get away from all the hectic things in my life. Like anyone that wants to have fun I do too!!...

Unfortunately I have those around us that end up making excuses last minute and spoil my plans for the night.. That gets me so frustrated =(... Any giving night I like to stay home when there are games on TV..OMG I love that, of course going to a sports bar is always cool because I can see the game with fellow fans, but it sucks when there is no

This takes me to the part of meeting new people and making my surroundings different then what they are now. I love the people around me, but like anyone that likes to be out and meet new people I now it is time to do that. Not only just to hangout with some new peeps, but also getting to know people in the industry I am pursing for a career.

I just dont need the flakes to get me down and soggy in their bowl of milk!

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  1. Hahahaha! "down and soggy in their bowl of milk." HILARIOUS.

    But on a serious note, I totally agree. As much as I like my friends, it's always great to meet new people who have much more in common with you and are interested in doing the same things.

    By the way, how is the music going? Were you able to add it to your iPod or is it still not working?