Friday, June 15, 2012

We got the CUP!!!!

Photo by: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times

The wait is now over, after 45 years of no championship, the Los Angeles Kings can now call themselves World Champions after they defeated the New Jersey Devils on Monday night at Staples Center.

What an amazing run this team had: The first eighth seed to win the Cup, 10-0 on the road and the only team to go up 3-0 in each series.

This truly was a Cinderella Story team and a season to always remember.

As I came home to watch the game Monday night I was nervous and stressed as to what was to come. Who could have foreseen a five minute major penalty that led to the Kings to score three goals? It was amazing if 
you ask me.

Being a fan for 18 years and a season ticket holder a few years back this was definitely worth the wait. I was able to watch the last period with my dad and the celebration. My father is the one who taught me sports and how to love them. While I might have not been at the game, I can at least say I was with my father to witnessing the Kings first every Stanley Cup.

Words cannot express how I felt the after seeing Dustin Brown hoisted the Cup over his head. I started to cry just a tad bit while goose bumps ran down my arm. I am proud of this team and what they were able to accomplish after some people didn’t think they would get this far.

…next blog is on the parade!