Monday, July 18, 2011

Writers Block

Me at work in by Brian De Los Santos

As the summer is ending I can't help but feel I have lost contact with my writing. I haven't had much an opportunity to cover games and I was feeling a little worried about the outcome. I know it's just me because once I get in the writing mode and have my material I CAN WRITE.

Today I started a player feature that I'm actually feeling good about. Learning to talk to players and coaches and getting to know them a bit helps when you need to get your story done. It is when you don't know them or don't even get to interview them that you feel lost and not a complete reporter.

I was just thinking the other day I haven't been doing interviews and that's on my mind now, getting that great quote or antidote to grab readers into the story. That needs to be my next step, just so I don't lose that confidence of what I know.

I have had a lot on the mind about other things other than sports so it has been a little tricky for me to concentrate on my sports writing, but I am watching games when I can. I have also come up with some ideas for the Los Angeles Sparks website, since it lacks a few things that other sites have. Hopefully they take into consideration some of the ideas to draw more fans in.

Well that is all for today got to go into the office soon and get ready for tonight's game.


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