Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm still alive

It feels like ages since I have wrote anything, I'm truly sorry, but school is keeping me real busy.. I'm actually in finals week so I have been studying for my last four finals. I think I'm set for Thursday's final, but still have more studying to do in the other three. By Sunday I will be done. I'm just glad that three of them will be done my the end of the weekend so I can have some relaxation. I won't be going to over broad with going out this weekend though just chilling with friends Friday and Sat I have no idea.

This first semester at CSUN was a great one I got to meet some nice people in class and the professors were great! I just hope this continues for the other three or four semester I have left there.

I learned a lot this semester and I glad that I did, I found out some interesting things and will continue since the quest for education is not over. I really don't know when it will be over because I love school for one thing and the other is that I get bored very easily anyway

I'm just glad I finally know what I want to do and am truly focused on what I want to do.
Anyway sports, I have been keeping up with, are my Lakers, and Kings. I am very proud of the Kings and how well they have been doing I really hope they can make the playoffs. The Lakers, now with Gasol back are on a role. Brown is doing an excellent job on the court. The rest of the bench though really needs to start stepping it up!
Well I will have more to sat once school is over and all I have to worry about is work for a couple of weeks till school starts again!

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